1. At the end of the 1st month the total PURCHASE ORDER CONTRACTS (POC) per syndication will be totaled.
  2. That month's POCs will be submitted for processing the 2nd month.
  3. At the beginning of the 3rd month COINS will be shipped, and SYNDICATION COMMISSIONS will be PAID OUT at the END of this same month.
  4. With monthly POC purchases, syndication earnings and coins will then be received monthly after your first two months of business.
  5. You bring in business this month, it's processed next month and then coins, and earnings are shipped the month after.
  6. Upon termination of any monthly active syndication one final month of business will be paid out and coins shipped after termination to fully payout that account.
  7. Once a members' earnings reach a certain threshold level, the E1K1 auto purchase TAPS will "Automatically" make an additional and new purchase for you and assign that purchase as a new sell in the E1K1 payout strategy and ship a new order of coins.
  8. POCC - Each Monday Morning 7:00 am CST, IMG will set the cost of the purchase orders for that week of purchases.
    This Call (price) will hold until midnight on the upcoming Sunday night.
    Based on the market cost of Silver Eagle Coins, the Call will float between the listed POCC and the commissions. (POCC) – Purchase Order Contract Calls


Each Purchase Order Contract Payout - $20

All Commissions Payouts are (Direct Pay Only) with no overrides or bonuses.

The Payout Commissions are constant for each POCC.

Total Commission Payout - $20

Purchase Order Contract Calls (POCC) - $80 $85 $90 $95 $100

Each POCC – (1) one-ounce American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin.

Total Monthly Earnings Projections

Syndication Contracts – (2) initial POC generates – 250 (POC) x $20 = $5000/monthly buy/sell activity.

NOTE: Only (5) POCs equals return of member’s initial purchase for $80 to $100 POC.


The focus of the E1K1 is to generate a substantial cash flow in the least amount of time, with the least amount of up front capital, with the least amount of members and with the best financial product.

With the E1K1 sells/recruiting strategy and the POCC float concept to take advantage of the up and down swings of the metals market, IMG has clearly achieved its goal to offer an unmatched financial opportunity never before seen in the financial industry or network marketing.

Only (1) purchase and (2) sells/recruits.

Allow your profits and the System to take over and generate monthly income and precious metals!

Moreover, the weekly Call Float will create a fast pace and furious sells and recruiting strategy as members’ rush to beat the next weeks POCC float!

Watch how this translates into the generation of income at a pace never seen in the industry before as members enlist their (2) in days instead of weeks


Last let’s look at how to jump start your income and make some real money!

  1. Qualified E1K1 members may enlist additional sells/recruits
  2. The original E1K1 rules with the (APS) protocol will apply and place all of your extra sells/recruits in pay positions directly back to you.
  3. IMG's E1K1 exclusive Auto Placement System (APS) and Thresholds Auto Purchase System (TAPS) will automatically increase the amount of purchases that will be made by each member as you reach each earnings threshold.


With the APS, TAPS and the E1K1 strategy, a person can quickly establish (250) contracts from only (2) sells and prior to having (250) people who purchased.

The APS will place all extra sells over Your first (2) in Pay positions for the LSM’s Syndication.

When a Members' income reaches a set Threshold the TAPS will automatically make a new purchase and credit that purchase to the LSM.

With the members' regular monthly purchase and the APS and TAPS the LSM is now paid on (2) POC from the same Syndication members.

As earnings continue to increase, so in turn will the TAPS purchases, to (3) each per month, (4) each per month and so on...

ALL from the same Syndication members!

Unlimited income potential... the all new IMG E1K1 Syndication!