A. Introduction

The IMG Infinite Syndication Savings Plan allows each individual regardless of their means or talents to acquire AMERICAN EAGLE SILVER BULLION COINS and achieve a truly unique savings account by buying, saving and selling American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins.

First, let’s take a quick look at why a person’s savings plan should include AMERICAN EAGLE SILVER BULLION COINS.

B. History

Thanks to Ronald Reagan and Congress, the US Treasury became lawfully authorized in 1986 to strike US Legal Tender Silver, and Gold Bullion Coins.

Legal Tender means, these Bullion Coins are spendable just like the paper dollars and coins in our pockets and bank accounts today.

As a consequence, with the Passage of Public Law 99-185 99 stat 1179 it is our right as Americans to ounce again privately own Silver & Gold. In a time when our country is concerned about our Rights and Liberty, IMG invites you to take this opportunity to protect your saving process with the most secure currency in the land.

Released in 1986, the Silver Eagle Coin is America's only official investment-grade 1 oz. Silver Bullion Coin.

It is also the world's only 1 oz. Silver Bullion Coin whose weight, content and purity are guaranteed by the United States government.

The American Silver Eagle Coin has a face value of $1 and contains one Troy ounce of 99.9- fine pure Silver Bullion.

Besides their stunning designs, the Silver Eagle Coins also appeal to collectors and investors fortheir value in investment portfolios.

Eligible for placement in IRAs, Silver Eagle Coins can act as building blocks or investments that will never lose their value.

The U.S. Silver Eagle is the most popular Bullion Coin in the world and the most widely accepted Silver piece, due to its legal tender status and its’ guarantee from the U.S. Mint for weight and purity.

You can feel confident in the U.S. Mint’s world renowned high standards for coin production. So own American and buy American.

C. Why Buy Silver Eagle Coins?

Many investment counselors advise their clients to secure some form of precious metals as a part of their financial holdings, such as silver, gold, or platinum to protect themselves from uncertain economic times ahead.

IMG recognized the Wisdom of this counsel and chose as it’s cornerstone product, the more affordable American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin!

Silver Eagle Coins are 99.9% pure silver.

They are produced, backed and guaranteed by our U.S. government for their weight and silver content.

Silver Eagle Coins are considered valuable, tangible assets, recognized the world over. This means they are looked upon as real money.

Silver Eagle Coins Fight Inflation through maintaining their buying power over long periods of time.

History has taught us that the value of Silver Eagle Coins can and do increase with time. Which offers the perfect Private, Safe and Liquid Long Term Investment.

D. Successful Track Record

During this country past 2008 financial crisis and economic downturns, precious metals out performed every conventional investment product on the market to date.

While most all Americans lost 70%, 80 % and all of their conventional savings and investment accounts, Silver sored to historical highs of $46.00 per oz.

Only those families that wisely acquired holdings of Silver Eagle Coin Savings Accounts and Investment Portfolios for their savings and investment products of choice, were able to take advantage of markets which more than tripled Silver Eagle Coin in value and returns.

Since our countries past 2008 economic crisis, Americans turned to the Protection and Safety of the American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin to the tune of over $125,000,000 American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins purchased over the following three years of our country’s economic recovery as a means of securing Americans future financial positions.

For these reasons as well as ongoing demands, experts at financial intuitions report being bullish on silver over the long term.

As a result, our customers often comment on how safe they feel now and how easy it was to become an owner of Silver, which made the American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins a wise choice for IMGs founding product.

E. Patriotic Value

IMG also utilizes what is called the “Patriotic Value” of the American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin to develop what we feel is a RARE additional advantage that only IMG can bring to those who wish to avail themselves of the full benefits of private ownership of such an important product.

As IMG and other outlets across the country market the Silver Eagle Coins to the public, our United States Government earns a profit from each coin sale. These profits are earmarked by law to reduce the National Debt which grows daily and is currently estimated at $19.3 Trillion Dollars! This is known as the “Patriotic Value” of the U. S. American Eagle Silver Coin program.

This is a great program which operates at NO net cost to American Taxpayers.

The need to secure a savings plan within a household due to this terrible debt, as well as the debt itself, are the two most serious problems facing American families today.

IMG has the potential to sell more Silver Eagle Coins to the public to secure family’s savings needs ad at the same time generate this much needed debt reduction revenue than any other single entity in America. As the debt is reduced by the IMG member’s savings process the debt is reduced for all Americans.

IMG has opened the door for “Americans to Save America” by participating in the full Infinite Syndication Savings Plan(ISSP)!


IMG now invites you to afford your family the safety, security and protection of adding Silver to your families’ future financial portfolio by next viewing the IMG ultimate savings strategy THE INFINITE SYNDICATION SAVINGS PLAN (ISSP).